Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The glory of sport

I'm not a sports fan. Really, I'm not.
There are teams I love and follow religiously - the Cubs and the Bears.
Aside from that, not so much. If the tv is on during the weekend, unless my teams are playing, it's much more likely to be tuned to the Food Network than any sporting event.
And yet - every two years I turn into a practically-religious sports fanatic. There's something about the Olympics that I can't tear myself away from. I'm losing sleep staying up to watch. Even at work I'm on the computer watching the Equestrian events. I'll even watch Badminton if it's on. I've changed from Good Morning America to the Today show - just to get an early-morning Olympic fix.
I'm almost afraid to think what I'll be like if Chicago wins the 2016 Summer Games. I can almost guarantee there'll be a sign on the shop door: Gone to the Olympics. Back in 2 weeks.
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