Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Second verse, same as the first

Well, Sunday's results weren't much different from Friday's - at least on paper. Dax and I had a lot of fun (okay, Dax more than me). We didn't qualify, didn't even complete the courses, but she stayed in the ring! She had to go and greet the jump-setters in both Jumpers and Standard, but she came back to me and we did actually finish the last few obstacles, in order, in both rings.
There were a lot of things to be happy about. The most important is that we both had a blast. Spending time with our agility buddies was great. Our instructor says that "A bad day at a dog show is still better than a good day at work." Even though I really love my work, it's true!
We even had a little "posse" of Novice teams to hang out with - sharing our course plans, nerves, and cheering each other on.
Julie and Goku come pretty close to qualifying, so I went with her to check the results. The judge was sitting at the table where scores were posted, so I asked her what the "E" meant. It means disqualifying faults. Dax and I set a new record - we got 6 of them! I was laughing about that and the judge asked if I had the "adorable Frenchie." I told her that yes, that was my girl, and the judge immediately offered to take her off my hands - I couldn't possibly want to keep that much trouble.
She's wrong. That's just the kind of trouble I like.
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Johann The Dog said...

Glad to hear how your first trial went! At least she came back to you, and even more on the second day. That's progress! And just makes that first upcoming Q even that more special.

Once Gracie was at the practice jump, and she got wind of what was going on in the ring, and took of to play with the dog running in the ring. Now that's an embarrassment. At least they were all over the place and we didn't DQ them. Whew!

And you both had fun! That's the best part.

Hope said...

You're absolutely right, Johann! If it's not fun - there's no reason to do it! BOL!