Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bits and pieces

All kinds of little doggie tidbits around here:
  • Our obedience club finally(!) found a new home - we'll be starting classes again on September 2. NSDTC is the oldest AKC-member obedience club in the country. We've been around forever. But the days when dog clubs could meet in the high school gym, or the park district multi-purpose room are over. The excuse the facilities use, true or not, is that their insurance companies won't let them. Fortunately, as doggy-day-care places gain popularity, there are some options available.
  • We're happy to say that the new puppy owners are asking for advice - and seem to be following it! The latest was "why is he biting us?" and the answer is: because he's four months old and that's what puppies do! Teach him not to! The family seems to be paying attention to what we're telling them - they still seem happy with the puppy, so we're hoping for the best.
  • On a not-so-happy note, our new neighbors with the bulldog have to find a new home for him. After consultation with every sort of expert: veterinarians, trainers, behaviorists, they've been forced to accept that their situation isn't right for this particular dog. I have to admit his behavior has me stymied - he adores everyone except his family and is aggressive to them. I know they'll all be better off, but we're saddened by the situation.
  • Dax and I are getting ready for our first Agility Trial! Just thinking about it gets my nerves going, but I'm doing my calming mantra: "No matter what happens, I still get to take her home. Even if we're stinking awful, she's still mine and no one can take her away." And the other classic, which is "Breathe. Remember to breathe."
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