Thursday, September 04, 2008

We hate holidays

Every time there's a national holiday, Fran says "I hate holidays. Something always happens." Unfortunately, she was right again this time.

Where was I at dinner time on Labor Day? At the Emergency Veterinary Clinic with Dax. You don't have to skip to the end - she'll be fine. But it was a scarey, scarey time.

After lunch we were just hanging out, watching baseball and relaxing. I got up to get a drink and Dax, who was sleeping next to me on the couch, woke up. And started whining/whimpering/crying, seemingly unable to move. If you've never had or known a French Bulldog, you may not know that spinal issues are terrifying for Frenchie people - almost as bad as for Dachshund people. But they are.

Anyway, we gave her a few moments to fully awaken (okay, I was panicking but Fran scolded me to relax and give her a minute). She did, and seemed to be slightly better. She could walk, but she couldn't turn, lower or raise her head and she was trembling when I tried to touch her neck.

I'd seen enough and dashed off to the Emergency Clinic.

Of course when we got there she seemed just fine. Absolutely wiggle-butt delighted to meet everyone, climbing on the vet techs to get picked up. The triage tech decided she was okay to wait with me, rather than being whisked back into the depths of the clinic for immediate care.

We waited only a few minutes for the on-duty Vet. He checked Dax out and determined, with x-rays and his manipulation, that she had a slipped disc and recommended crate rest for a week and prescribed anti-inflammatories and pain medication.

Have I mentioned that I think our regular vet is the best diagnostician on the face of the planet? Her instincts have been right 99% of the time I've known her - more than 20 years. She's also the most conservative Vet ever - I'm not even sure she's in favor of Obedience, let alone Agility.

I took Dax in to see her bright and early Tuesday morning. She said it was a very good thing I took Dax to the Emergency Clinic - sudden, severe pain should always be checked.

She also said Dax has a pulled muscle and has to sit out class this week. And maybe next week, too. Excellent news, indeed!
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Carlene said...

Whew. Thanks for telling me right off the bat not to skip to the end, because I totally would have. I'm glad Dax is okay. Give her a *smooch* for me.