Monday, September 15, 2008

Ooops, she did it again!

Yesterday Dax The Mighty Huntress killed a squirrel.
It wasn't an old squirrel, or a sick squirrel.
It was a too-slow, stupid squirrel.
I was just bringing the dogs back to the house, Golly in the lead. When down the path comes strolling this gray squirrel. It goes nose-to-nose with Golly. They're both startled (you can imagine!) and the squirrel finally figures out "uh-oh," turns around and high-tails it (literally) for the gate at the front of the house.
Dax was in the back yard at the time. She beat the squirrel to the gate.
Fast puppy. Slow squirrel.
My mess to clean.
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jan said...

Ah, the beginning of doggy serial killing. I know it well.

Carlene said...

One down, only several billion to go...

Betsy said...

I owe Dax a hearty steak for a job well done.

I would not have wanted to contend with the mess of course and I do find squirrels cute.

However, the pure joy that was probably written all over her face would have been priceless. Plus, let's face it, squirrels abound everywhere.

Hope said...

I'm getting the impression that there's not a lot of sympathy out there for squirrels! I'm torn - not thrilled about having a "serial killer" on the loose, but happy she's fast, agile and has good doggy instincts. I guess I'll keep her!

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