Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New regimen for my fat dogs

It just goes to show - if you're not paying attention, the pounds just creep up on us! I got the bad news when I took Golly, Roc and Dax in to the vet for a routine visit. Golly, of course, is perfect. Roc and Dax are fat.
It makes perfect sense - Roc retired from training a few months ago. His activity level decreased and it never even occurred to me that his food should, too! And Dax has been having issues with her food for quite a while - she needed more protein. Which has calories. Which I didn't account for in the quantity I fed.
So we've started a new routine. Before my treadmill workout, the dogs get theirs. Roc took to it right away - he gets to watch tv while he works out. Dax had to be convinced it was fun, but she's getting the idea. We'll all be in shape before you know it!
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1 comment:

Fuzzy Logic said...

I've always heard that it's hard to keep weight off of small dogs, but honestly I have a hard time with Targ because he's such a slug