Friday, April 11, 2008

It's OK to Love Your Dog!

We met a very nice lady this week and spent some time talking to her about life, the universe, dogs... She's a busy suburban mom with kids, a house, a husband. I don't know if she has a job outside the home, but I'm sure she does volunteer work. And she loves her dog. It seemed like she was embarrassed to admit it, though. We understand. No matter what goes on during the day - the kids were impossible, late for the bus, dressed inappropriately, talked back at breakfast; the clerk at the grocery store was incompetent (sorry - just an example!); the husband wants you to run errands in six different directions; the dishwasher sprang a leak. No matter how bad your day was - your dog loves you. It's unconditional love. And even though your dog is not the brightest bulb in the canine world, even though he sheds like crazy, and even though he digs in the garden sometimes, you love him. Your non-dog-owning friends don't get it, but we do. It's OK. It's natural. That's why we have dogs to share our life with.
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1 comment:

Frenchie Tink said...

Good, because I was starting to think I was crazy...for loving my puppy so much!