Monday, April 14, 2008

Good company

I know I'm nowhere near alone in the world in hating housework. I love having the house clean and spiffy and it's the only way to get it there, but it's a necessary evil and not something I look forward to doing.
Back in the days before Dax cracked her tooth on the vacuum {resulting in pain (hers), surgery (hers) and expense (mine)} the pups would keep me company while I did my chores. Now they're securely locked out of the room I'm working on.
They don't much like it, either. And they're really loud in their objections. To save my ears from their protests and the vacuum noise, I have my iPod blasting away. Which makes me wonder if I'm the only one who has a "Vacuuming" playlist?
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Fuzzy Logic said...

LOL! Qay just leaves the room and gives me the look like "how could you mommy?"... the other two couldn't care less

Anonymous said...

My cats hide from the vacuum. But I can't keep them out of the way when it's time to make the bed!

Johann The Dog said...

Our kitties aren't even phased by the Dyson; Gracie just goes to the couch where she knows she won't have to encounter it; I chase it around, bark at it and throw huge fits!

We don't look forward to cleaning day either. Woofs, Johann

Hope said...

Every pet lover has at least one vacuuming story, I'm sure! I think that Fuzzy's the luckiest - what I wouldn't give for a "who cares" attitude on housecleaning day!!

ehomee said...

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