Monday, April 28, 2008

It could have been so much worse...

Yesterday was one of the strangest days. Not interesting strange, bad strange.
It seemed ordinary enough. After lunch I went to a local fabric store that's having a closing sale. I needed some cloth for background when we shoot product pictures and some other stuff. And I love a sale.
I found some nice bargains, so I was at the cutting table, chit-chatting with the clerk while he measured and cut my choices. And then I heard my name over the PA "Please come to the front of the store."
So I went up, curious and curiouser! There was a uniformed Police Officer waiting for me. I get close to him and he looks at me somberly, puts his hand on my shoulder and says "I'm afraid I have some really bad news for you."
At this point, my mind is rapidly sorting through all the possibilities, and none of them are what he said next: "Your car has been hit in the parking lot."
And my reaction is "Thank goodness!"
So we go out to take a look. The person who hit me is standing there and she's really, really, really sorry. I know this because she keeps telling me so. My left rear fender is hanging off.
I can't decide whether the police officer is an idiot or a genius. An idiot for scaring me to death. Or a genius for knowing that reality was so much better than the horrors my imagination conjured up I'd be pretty happy about my car getting hit.
Which I'm not. Happy that is. But it really could have been so much worse...

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Fuzzy Logic said...

Holy cow! That would have scared the pants off me too!

Johann The Dog said...

Yikes, scarry! And a really good thing is that they didn't just drive off after they hit you! That happens a lot. You are lucky!

Diane Scott said...

Psychology or just his typical somber attitude? I see your point though, while not a good thing... phew!

Hope said...

Thank goodness the whole episode is over and we're none the worse for wear. Thank you!