Friday, April 25, 2008

Always End on a Positive Note

Last night was Agility class and Ceilidh had a great time overall. There was lots of jumping and weaving in last night's sets which are Ceilidh's favorite things in the world (except for her beloved Latex Soccer Ball, of course). But our instructor threw in a double jump which is kind of rare. Ordinarily Ceilidh sails right over it but last night she took it down the first time over. I didn't think much of it at the time. But the last set of the evening included the double jump also. And Ceilidh refused to even attempt it. I knew the bar didn't hurt her, but earlier it did something strange and she wasn't going anywhere near it. I tempted her with her ball, with cheese, I tried cheering her over, running with her - no joy. Finally our instructor helped me with a "restrained recall" (she held Ceilidh's collar and I stood in "ready stance" on the other side of the jump, making sure Ceilidh knew I had yummy cheese). I called Ceilidh over, our instructor let go of her collar, and Ceilidh sailed over the jump like the old days! Party time! Lots of cheese, and tugging with her ball! Class over!
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Megan said...

I should try string cheese in our next agility class. Which is tomorrow. Wow. Time flies. So far the only time Trooper has hesitated on anything is when he's never done it before. He also didn't love the Teeter totter when he first encountered it but now he's sailing over it. At least until we get to the big boy teeter. He's still working on the baby one. :)