Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This is why you get a dog tag

We had an unexpected visitor in the shop this afternoon. This is Indi. I went outside for a minute and found her wandering in the alley behind the store.
She came with me very happily. She was panting like crazy and obviously lost. She walked rather slowly, especially for a big dog.
I found out why when we got inside - her front paws were both ripped up and bleeding.
We gave her some water and rinsed off her paws. While I was getting the water, Fran was able to call Indi's home because she was wearing a tag. Her mom came, with leash, within 10 minutes of our call, ready to take her to the vet.
It turns out that her family had new flooring installed today and the workmen left the backyard gate open. Indi, a perennial hunter, took off before anyone knew. I don't know how long she'd been wandering - but she was delighted to be caught.
Please get some identification on your dogs! I'd be delighted if you ordered a tag from us, but that's not the point. Get one. Put it on your dog. One phone call could get your dog back to you.


Fuzzy Logic said...

Ya know... tags are honestly the best idea in my opinion

Hope said...

Simple things can make a huge difference, can't they?

Johann The Dog said...

Whew!!! Glad you were there to find her.... Mum finds dogs sometimes, one time with no tag, but the folks called the shelter and they got her back. Tags are soooo important! Even at home.

Uncivil said...

Yes, tags are very important. I also put "Needs Meds" on the tag just in case someone thinks they would like to keep one of my little girls for themselves!