Thursday, September 20, 2007

Take good care of my baby

It will be a miracle if I have any fingernails left at the end of today. Dax is at the vet's, having dental work done. I'm always petrified when my dogs have to go under anaesthesia.
It doesn't help that a) it's my fault, and b) I think Dax's vet's associate, who did her take-in this morning, is afraid of her.
It's my fault because I let Dax help me vacuum. I know I said I wouldn't, but she enjoyed it so much. When I noticed she had a bloody mouth, I thought she just bit her tongue. Instead, she has a slab fracture of a premolar. Her vet's going to try to save the tooth. I hope she can.
I think the other vet is afraid of her because he didn't so much as touch her this morning. In the past, with our other dogs, we've handed them over and he carries them. Today, he brought out a kennel lead and had me put it on her. He didn't even lead her away, he called out the guy who cleans kennels to do that.
Not a great confidence builder. Later, on my way to work, I drove by the animal hospital again. Just to make sure Dax's vet was there. She was, thank goodness. I think I may be sufficiently paranoid that if I hadn't seen her car, I would have stopped and demanded my dog back. Not too much of an over-protective mom, am I!

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FrogDogz said...

Oh, poor Dax - and poor you!!

Anesthesia scares the beejusus out of me. I just had Tess at the vet on Monday to see if she needs dental work. Thankfully, he decided to put her on PULSE therapy, rather than put her under at age 13.

I hope all went well. As for the alternate vet being scared of her, I'd have a talk with your vet and tell him how uncomfortable this makes you feel for Dax. Ask him if there's any way you can correct the situation. At the very least, it puts them on notice that you are aware of some prejudice in her treatment at the other vet's hands. Forewarned, forearmed, etc.

Hugs to Dax!