Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Great place to meet guys!

Take notes, all you single young ladies wishing to meet Mr. Right! I found the perfect hunting ground!

Last Friday I went to the Cubs game. Because I love the Cubs, baseball, Wrigley Field, it was my day off, and what the heck!

As it turns out, not a great day to watch Cubs baseball.

But a great day to watch people. A significant proportion of people at Wrigley Field are on the move at all times. It may be true of other stadia, but Wrigley is the only one I know for sure.

The seat in front of me was occupied by a pretty young woman, all by herself. Three different guys struck up conversations with her. In the row in front of that, two young women found two young men.

I'd recommend to women in the market - to to a ball game! Go by yourself, or with one girlfriend. Connections were being made all over.

Except on the field. The Cubs lost miserably.

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