Friday, September 14, 2007

Bleeding all over the agility course

You guessed it! My thumb accidentally got between Ceilidh and her Latex Soccer Ball last night, before our agility class even started! Ceilidh's tooth and my knuckle intersected - not bad, but it made a nice gouge. I usually end up with a lot of little scratches but this time there was blood. Enough that I put Ceilidh in the pop-up crate I bring in the building so that I could wash my hands and try to stop the bleeding. (Of course, I didn't even think to put bandages in the training bag.) Ceilidh was looking up mournfully through the mesh while I held a paper towel in place before class, not knowing what was happening, just that it had something to do with her ball. Consequently she wasn't even interested in tugging on it during class, when I wanted her to! But, surprisingly, she had some pretty good runs! Her weaving was exceptional (for Ceilidh) and there was very little sniffing. No, I'm not willing to risk life and limb next week!


Johann The Dog said...

Blood, sweat, tears, elation - it's what agility is for! BOL!

Glad you are OK. Gracie bit Mum's bicep once by mistake, Mum couldn't move her arm for a week! Oopsey!

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