Friday, September 28, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different

As my friends know, I'm an Olympics nut. I love watching the Olympics. Winter, Summer, it doesn't matter. So when Chicago, my home town, won the ability to represent the US in the 2016 Olympics bidding process, I was ecstatic. Wouldn't it be cool?!?! So, I logged onto the Chicago 2016 web site and asked to be apprised of future developments and volunteer opportunities. Well, Chicago will be hosting the World Amateur Boxing Championships next month and the powers that be called for volunteers. Not that I care a whole lot about boxing, but, what the heck? It could be fun. Hundreds of young guys from all over the world... It could be worse! There was no Agility class last night (the instructor is at the Terrier specialty show, I think), so I went to the first volunteers' information meeting downtown. A couple hundred or so people of all different walks of life were there - black, white - and everything in between, men, women, young, old! I think the Olympic delegates who attend the Boxing Championships will be impressed with Chicago volunteers!


jan said...

Olympic boxing is nothing like professional boxing. I always hated pro boxing, but I got very hooked on the Olympic sport. They use headgear and face protecters, and you can really see it as a sport, not just brutality.

Johann The Dog said...

Volunteering for those high profile sports events is soooo much fun. Mum used to do that - working on the 1987 Pan Am Games here in Indy, and the 88 Olympics. You will meet so many great people and have so much fun. Go for it!

Woofs, Johann

Fran said...

Thanks! Can't wait. Next week is the dreaded BACKGROUND CHECK! Kinda depressing to think there's nothing in mine to find.