Friday, September 21, 2007

Now, Take Good Care of MY Baby

Here's the good news - Dax is fine. The bad news - her vet couldn't save the tooth. It was cracked all the way down, exposing the root, so what was left had to be extracted. Poor Dax - she must have been in quite a bit of pain and was truly pathetic last night.

Golly is in surgery today to remove two growths. The vet isn't worried about them but wants them gone. As is usual before surgery, Golly was not allowed anything to eat after 7 pm last night, but I had to give her her blood pressure medication at 6:00 this morning. Golly really enjoys her food - REALLY enjoys it. I am not her favorite person at the moment. It will take quite a bit for me to get back into Golly's good graces because she holds a grudge for a long time.

Hope told you about our vet's associate - it turns out that he's having some medical problems of his own, so that may explain his demeanor yesterday with Dax. Today was another story, though. The Golly Force was strong today - he melted into Golly's big brown eyes!

I'm sure that Golly will be fine, but I'm counting the hours until we can pick her up late this afternoon.


Kahshe Cottager said...

Oh oh ... I miss a few days and so many things have happened. I am so sorry to hear about Dax's tooth. I am sure she must be feeling better than you are however. And Golly - I am sure she will be just fine as well. She will love you madly again when she sees her first treat I'll bet!Save some of your fingernails for a manicure!

Uncivil said...

Glad to hear Dax is doing well. Hope it's smooth sailing for Golly, so you can get back in her good graces from the food deprivation!!!!

FrogDogz said...

Poor Golly and Dax! I hope all is well.

You've made me believe that I'm not the only one who experiences the 'it never rains but it pours' school of vet care emergencies. I swear, if I take in one dog, I have to take in four.

jan said...

So glad to hear all is going well dentally and medically. My dogs all have dog memory and never remember to carry a grudge longer than...well, I don't think they ever do.

Fran said...

Thanks, everyone for all your concern. Everyone's doing fine. Golly goes back in a few days to get her stitches out, and we find out the results... Keep those fingers crossed, please!