Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I can't believe we let them sleep with us

Every once in a while it occurs to me that dogs are really disgusting creatures.

Especially after a rainstorm, when the earthworms wash up and die in the sun. And the dogs delight in rolling on them.

And when we tell them "GET UP!" they look at us like - "Aw, Mom. You're ruining all our fun."


Betsy said...

I would take a dog rolling on an earthworm over what Robbie picked a month ago.

He decided that a dead and rotting fish was just something he HAD to have on his fur.

Yes, it is a wonder we sleep with them!

Hope said...

You definitely win. Ewwww.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hope & Fran, it was great to meet you today. I thought I would share a story that a friend of mine wrote on this very subject.


This is a repeat post of an event that took place for real in October 2000.


You've all seen the Terminator but have you ever seen the Worminator?

Scene 1: A Devoted Human takes her White Dog to the groomer. She bravely leaves the wimpering dog behind in the hands of the Evil Groomer Karen. The Evil Groomer bathes, fluffs and trims toenails of a now Pristine White Dog, rushing through in an hour so she can torture as many dogs in a day as possible.

Upon being called, the Devoted Human returns to the scene and lovingly siezes the Pristine White Dog from the Evil Groomer Karen. She even pays a ransom of $35 plus tip. The Pristine White Dog returns to his domain and settles in, spending the night snuggled sweetly in the arms of his rescuer.

Scene 2: On a sunlighted patio. The Devoted Human is busying herself removing plants from pots and preparing for winter. The Pristine White Dog helps as best he can while being tethered to the leg of a table on a 15 foot lead. He keeps her safe by barking fiercely at any leaf that falls as well as the neighbors working in their back yard. Suddenly, the Pristine White Dog spies a mortal foe! A worm! A big fat juicy WORM! He pounces on the enemy
without any regard for his own safety while his Devoted Human remains blissfully unaware of any danger. He shakes the worm until it is lifeless and limp. Bashing the worm to the ground for good measure, he then rolls over and over on the carcass of his conquest until it's remains are embedded in his fur, harness and collar. His dominance established, he returns to the sunlight to allow the remains to solidify, forever tying the two enemies together,
one in victory, the other in abject failure.

Eventually the Devoted Human turns her attention back to her no longer pristine White Dog. He proudly exhibits his new trophy to which she responds, "Oh my God Thor, that is DISGUSTING." She marches him to the kitchen sink and sits him on the counter. Collecting her supplies, she washes away his trophy in no time flat. Not one single moment of remorse or even appreciation of his efforts to protect her.

The White Dog is now Pristine again. But the indignity of two baths in two days wears heavily upon him and he naps deeply. Running in his sleep, he dreams, "I'll Be BACK."

Fade out.

KT and Thor Lights the Sky, Dog of THUNDER

jan said...

Actually it's a good thing dogs don't have a "disgust factor." Some of the things they are trained to scent would have them scurrying away in "disgust" instead of doing their jobs.