Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A change of clothes for the better

Clothes definitely make the girl! Dax has been unhappy, to say the least, in Obedience class. She would do the exercises, but you could tell she wasn't thrilled about it. A sure-fire clue was when I had to bring a drool-rag to class. I know that she's a bulldog, but it was a first for me.

I noticed how she reacted to her training collar. She ran away from it. Not the "catch me if you can" play-type dashing off, but truly a "nooooooooooooooooooo, I don't want it" reaction. So instead of the metal-link I've always used, I decided to try her with a martingale-type collar. Not only is she incredibly adorable - she loves it!

Last night at class she had her best session, ever! She was heeling with me, she was having a wonderful time. She even nailed her sit-stay and down-stay! Her Stand For Exam was rock-solid! She was having such a good time that when I accidentally dropped her leash and she went wandering off - she came when I called her, despite the fascinating smells that were drawing her into the boarding area of the place we train.

We are officially retiring the chain link collar. I've used it as a "change of clothes" to signal to my dog that we're "working" now - but a different designer was clearly called for. It's a lesson I continue to learn - pay attention to what my dogs are telling me! All the information I need it there - if I remember to listen.


jan said...

That is something I have to keep remembering too. Just because they don't speak in complete sentences doesn't mean they don't have knowledge of a situation.

Fuzzy Logic said...

Good for you. I know Qay does better on a flat buckle oddly enough..

Kahshe Cottager said...

Well, it does make sense doesn't it? We all have our favourite comfy clothes!

Hope said...

The longer I'm in training, the more I'm learning to PAY ATTENTION TO MY DOG! They do let us know, don't they? And my quest for comfy heeling shoes has been ongoing - why didn't I realize my girl's just like me?