Monday, June 18, 2007

A feather in his cap

Roc did it! Sometimes I think it's in spite of me, but we got our third leg in Rally Novice yesterday at our own club's Obedience Trial.
Conditions were not wonderful - our site this year was not air-conditioned, which usually isn't that big a deal on Father's Day, but it was over 90 degrees F yesterday. And I stewarded in the Utility B Ring all morning before Roc and I were set to compete, so he was in his crate. I did have a semi-intelligent idea and brought a bunch of reusable ice pack thingies in a cooler. I put them under his towel in the crate, so Roc had a great morning, hanging out cool as a cucumber, watching me sweat away laying down and picking up the gloves for the "Directed Retrieve."
I suppose I could moan and complain about the weather, but in all honesty - I had a really good time.
I love stewarding for the top echelon dogs in obedience - it inspires me every time I see them work. And while the vast majority of the dogs in Utility are Golden Retrievers and Border Collies, we had a Smooth Collie, a couple of Dachshunds, some Papillons.
After the Utility B competition was done, I had some time to relax before I was up in the Rally ring. Fran was stewarding Rally all day - she was timer. So I could talk to her, but she couldn't take her eyes off the ring.
Watching Rally is very different - especially for us Obedience types. You can really tell whose background is heavily Obedience-oriented and who's just now dipping their toes into the performance events. I think that Rally's a terrific addition to dog sports - everybody can get out there and form a working partnership with their dog. And have some fun. And get some ribbons. It's all about the green, isn't it?

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jan said...

YAY for Roc!!!

oh, and his human too.