Friday, June 08, 2007

A Happy Tummy Makes a Happy Dog

We continue to learn. Well, I guess that's what life's about, isn't it? As part of Dax's recovery, the vet prescribed Vitamin K to promote clotting and suggested that we give her some potato with her food, which helps the body absorb Vitamin K. Ceilidh has never been a good eater, but she really wanted to try the potato (we just nuked one, peeled it, and mashed it up - no butter or milk, though!). She loved it! Which got us thinking - Ceilidh's not on a special diet, so why don't we try her on a protein and potato food? So we switched her to a new food over a week's time, and she seems much happier overall. When she snoozes in the evening now, she's often on her back. And she seems more easy-going - which, for Ceilidh is really amazing! Let's hope the transformation continues!


Kahshe Cottager said...

My furgirls love potatoes too, especially baked ones. Our Ceilidh will roll on her back for a tummy rub and then fall asleep that way with 'gentle' snoring ensuing!

Betsy said...

You know, I wonder if the book titled "Potatoes, Not Prozac" has something to it.