Friday, December 08, 2006

It's Freezing Out There!

Here in the Chicago area in the last week we've had a temperature drop of about 40 degrees (F), eight inches of snow and winds to drop the wind chill well below zero. It's not fun for us, but the dogs REALLY don't like it!

We have little dogs, so the snow was over their heads before we tried to clear a path for them. I say "tried" because they're not patient and bounded ahead of me as I plodded through the drifts making a path for them in the back yard. It was a struggle to persuade them that they really had to do their business before they were let back in the house. The looks on their faces said, "Naw, I don't have to go that bad!" I said, "Yes, you do - now get to it!"

And, of course, before anyone goes outside, everyone needed their coat! Ceilidh likes her new coat. (This picture was taken, obviously, before the snow!) Unfortunately she's the only one who likes wearing clothes of any sort. Dax (French Bulldog) hates it and tries to run away before we can put her coat on her. And, once she's outside she'll brush herself against anything to try to get the coat off! Roc (Brussels Griffon) will tolerate the coat, but not if the neck is fastened! Golly (Brussels Griffon and alpha princess) doesn't really care one way or another!

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jan said...

I have one dog who hates anything colder than 50 degrees. He sniffs the air and says, "I can wait for spring to pee."