Friday, December 01, 2006

Dax is an Agility Girl!

Hope decided that Dax (her French Bulldog) would benefit from taking an Agility course. She expects that it will boost her self-confidence and hopes that it will improve her fitness. The only issue with Dax taking Agility is that Hope doesn't like to do Agility, so I'm elected to take her. I don't mind, but my concern was whether she would pay attention to me. No problem there - I pulled out here favorite treat that she only gets for training, and as you can see her attention was right on me!

Last night was Dax's very first class, so she didn't get to use much equipment, but we did some jumping exercises and listened to our instructor for some very important tips.
Next time we'll have less lecturing and more equipment! I think Dax is looking forward to it!


jan said...

What a good person you are.

Er, would you come and take my dogs to agility class?

Fran said...

If I had time I would!