Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ending the Year on a Good Note

Thursday evening was the last Agility class of the year - not surprising since it's the last week of the year, but let's not be picky. I think Dax is starting to get comfortable in the room with all the equipment. Her contacts are coming along, and any fault is, naturally, mine. She's really low to the ground and the place for a treat reward a good contact is between her face and the target. Well, she likes to put her chin on the target which makes it a little difficult! But, we will persevere. We started to learn weaves on Thursday. Perhaps Dax has been watching Ceilidh when we practice weaving at home, because she was a star! We start out with just two poles and reward for any behavior going toward the poles. Dax didn't just go toward the poles, she went through them! What a good girl.

Ceilidh had an amazing night as well! I'm starting to be able to switch speeds while I'm washing my hands between classes. Ceilidh requires a much different approach than Dax. Ceilidh needs a little bit of calming down without shutting her down while Dax needs her own cheering section! Both girls are very sensitive to my moods, so I have to remember to always smile. Silly, but it works.

Party next week!


jan said...

I'm always amazed at how different dog's personalities can be. I'm sure agility classes really bring out the individuality.

have a great 2007 celebration.

Fran said...

Owners, too - get three people with dogs on a course and you can get six approaches!

Have a very Happy New Year!