Saturday, December 23, 2006

After a Hard Day

The dogs love to help Hope vacuum the house. Hope doesn't exactly love it, but she puts her earplugs in, headphones on, and blasts her Ipod. This blocks out most of the vacuum and barking noise. I'm not sure if Hope has written about how much the kids love to help her vacuum - so much that she's had to replace the hoses!

Anyway, after so much vigorous activity Hope has some very tired dogs on her hands! That's Dax (French Bulldog) by herself. Roc and Golly (Brussels Griffons) are together in Roc's box - Golly was so pooped she didn't want to wait for her cushion cover and towel to come out of the dryer!


jan said...

Cute pictures. I never get help with vacuuming. My dogs always scatter to nether parts of the house until it is all over.

Fran said...

Ceilidh hates it, too. Scared to death, poor thing.