Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Beauty is in the eye......

Our Dog Training Club's holiday party was Saturday night. Needless to say, there was a lot of discussion of topics that polite (read non-dog) people don't talk about in public, but it was a dog group, so everybody chimed in.

It's the only time in the year that the members of the North Shore Dog Training Club meet without our dogs, so we actually can completely concentrate on what other people are saying. Whenever you're responsible for a dog (or a child, for that matter), your attention is divided; half on the person you're talking to, the other half on the trouble your dependent is getting into.

Anyway, spouses and significant others are welcome at the party, so we see the non-dog-training halves. One of the highlights of the party is when we distribute the club calendar, featuring pictures of all of our dogs.

So Paul, Colleen's fiance, turns to March, which has pictures of my absolutely gorgeous dogs on it. Our calendar editor wanted my dogs pictured all panting, so they are. And he points at Dax, my incredibly gorgeous French Bulldog and exclaims "What an ugly dog!"

I didn't hear it, but the reports have been flowing in. What makes it particularly funny is that Colleen absolutely adores Dax and has been threatening to kidnap her since the day I got her. Paul is truly contrite, so we're allowing the relationship to continue. On a probational basis.


Betsy said...

I adore Dax, but in the shot in the calendar, she did look particularly bat-like. Honestly, Frenchies are cuter in person than in pictures.

Regardless, the comment NEVER should have been made! (I've heard the same said about MacDuff).

Colleen said...

OK, I'll take the bait. Colleen here in defense of Paul. First, let me clarify that he is not a dog person so he knows not what he speaks and doesn't know the finer points of doggie cuteness. His first and only up close and personal experiences with the canine species were with my greyhounds. Since he and Finlay have formed their own love club which excludes even me, I think he has gotten too accustomed to the tall, pointy, lanky canine variety. I hope you can take comfort in the fact that Paul has been duly chastised by me and Fin (who still thinks Dax - close her ears - is kind of hot). That and he has also gotten to know Finlay even better as he was forced to share the couch with him as penance.

I also threatened to get even by possibly getting a Frenchie of my own one day to haunt him for his most inappropriate and incorrect comment. He apologized to me and Fin and said he already apologized to Fran. If Dax has caught wind of this most scandalous utterance, please pass the apologies along to her as well. I'm not positive but I think he was truly sorry.

Hope said...

Okay, okay. I'll confess. We love Paul. We thought his comment was funny. And we adore teasing him (and Colleen)!