Monday, April 03, 2006

We cannot possibly get our paws wet!

There is nothing quite like the look of distress on your dogs' faces when you open the door to let them out first thing in the morning and they look out, see the rain pouring down and look back at you like "Mooooooooooooom, how could you do that? I really gotta go!"

Our bully girls, (Ceilidh, Fran's Boston Terrier and Dax, Hope's French Bulldog) refuse to go out in the rain. They don't like getting their feet wet, they don't like getting dripped on, and, naturally, won't wear raincoats. Fortunately, both are camels and will just "hold it" until there's a break in the weather. If we're ever faced with the Wrath of God, as Noah was, and it rains steadily for any length of time, these girls will be in deep doo doo. So to speak.

Oddly enough, the Princess, Golly herself, is much more practical about things. She looks out, sees the lay of the land, dashes through the raindrops to the best of her ability, does her thing, and dashes back inside. Then she stands there, looking at the towel we keep at hand for the purpose, and waits to be attended to. Princesses may rise to meet the challenge of life's messiness, but they do not have to suffer its consequences for any length of time.

Roc, my Brussels Griffon boy, is all boy. He couldn't care less about the rain. Goes out, does his thing, comes back and tries to play tug-of-war with the towel. I'm really happy that he doesn't care about the weather, though. I'm not entirely convinced, you see, that he has the same conviction about "holding it" as the girls.

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jan said...

My "princesses" are the same way about going out in the rain.

"We can wait for summer, Mommy, "It's not a problem." We've had RAIN here this spring and I keep finding myself waiting for a break to scoot them out.

Cute dogs. Cute blog.