Monday, April 10, 2006

Housekeeping and Doggy Aerobics

Whoever thinks that vacuuming isn't an aerobic activity - for people and dogs - has never been to my house when it's happening.

Last year when my vacuum (a canister model) wasn't working too well, I loaded it and all its bits into my car and headed for the repair shop. The shop owner wanted to know what the hell I'd been doing to his poor product - the extension tubes looked like they'd been gnawed on! and the beater-bar thingy had deep gouges, too!

Well, it had been gnawed on, viciously attacked, and punished thoroughly every time I take it out of the closet. I explained to the nice gentleman that the reason I needed his very powerful and way-too-expensive vacuum in the first place was because I live with four dogs. And wasn't it very nice of my dogs to attack only the parts that weren't electrical?

He didn't think it was funny. I do. Watching three dogs, all lined up in the hall, backing when the vacuum comes at them, rushing forward when it retreats, diving in for a bite of their arch enemy! It's about the only part of vacuuming I enjoy. Extension tubes can be replaced.

This week even Ceilidh got into the act - it was a major breakthrough. Up until this week, she's hidden in whatever corner of the house was furthest from the nasty invading vacuum beast. This time, for a whole two or three minutes, she added her bark and bite to the general chaos and mayhem. I was so proud of her - she bit the vacuum! Such a brave girl.

I'm the only person I know who vacuums with a smile on my face. Because I have earplugs in my ears.


jan said...

Now you know another smiling vacuumer. At least they get their aggressions out on something that is harmless.

Anonymous said...
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