Friday, April 21, 2006

Ceilidh's a Contradiction

I've talked about Ceilidh, my Boston Terrier, before. She's a nutcase at Agility Class and has two speeds at home: hyper and off. She's also a contradiction. As wild as she is playing, that's how sweet and delicate she is at other times. I gave her one of the new "Squeeze Meeze" latex toys (OK, here's the link: and she went crazy - holding the head of the dragon and shaking for all she was worth. I thought she was going to seriously hurt herself. And then a little later we were handing out treats and she was as delicate as could be. You would have thought you'd have to count all your fingers, but that's just not the case with gentle Ceilidh!

And then last night at Agility Class she was grabbing her ball and tugging, then later, sat nicely for treats. She's a contradictory pup.

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