Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Urban life and dog doings

Our next-door neighbor here at GollyGear is an insurance agent. He's a good enough neighbor, as long as you don't mind working next door to Felix Unger. Today I ran into him while we were both throwing away trash, which I do whenever I can't avoid it any longer and he does three times a day. He very kindly offered, if I had a shovel, to pick up all that "mess" behind my shop. That "mess" is a very tidy, four by four foot square of wood shavings. It's our "exercise area" when we have any of the dogs at work. I thanked him and explained its purpose. Felix grimaced. I don't think he approves of dogs. Then again, I can't imagine he approves of any bodies' functions. But he's also too polite to say so.

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