Friday, October 30, 2009

Wet Dogs...

OK, not to belabor the fact, but it's been raining almost the entire month of October. We're all wondering if we should start building an Ark. Ceilidh is even starting to get used to it, and will go out without too much prodding when it's time. Dax is starting to like getting towelled off when she comes back inside. Roc still doesn't care. What a guy! I've given up on trying to clean up the muddy paw prints. People are even coming prepared for the mud-paws: the nice couple who brought their Shih Tzu to use our ring at Dogs in the Ring this afternoon brought their own towel! Not necessary - we provide the amenities, but thoughtful nonetheless! I know - it's not snow, but I'll still be glad to see the sun again. - Fran
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