Friday, October 23, 2009

Dogs and Rain!

So after the beautiful pictures Hope took the other day, we've had lots and lots of rain. No rainbows. It's interesting how the dogs view rainy days differently. Ceilidh hates the rain. Just hates it. She'll go two feet outside the door, squat and run inside - but ONLY if she's desperate. She can hold for hours. And so can Dax, for that matter. Roc just doesn't care. Heat, rain, snow, wind, sleet - he just doesn't care. What a guy! Late yesterday afternoon I carried Dax out in the rain, and Roc went out too, brought them back in and rubbed them damp (dry's pretty much out of the question these days). Roc and Dax were inspired to chase each other around the house. So cute! That got them dry! - Fran
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