Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Internetworking doesn't always work

Last night at Obedience Class I realized how intertwined my work life and "real" life have become. I know I'm lucky - we have our own business, have structured our lives to be comfortable and happy, and pretty much avoid most of the unpleasantries of life.
Having a mostly-internet business in which my job (aside from janitor, jack-of-all fix-it stuff, packer, picker etc.) is marketing, which means I spend a lot of time networking online - e-mailing, twittering, facebooking, etc.
Consequently, I thought everybody knew we lost Golly. I forgot there are still some people who prefer not to have a cyber-life. I kind of blind-sided our friend Janie last night. Janie is one of the few people in the history of the world to get an obedience title on a Saluki. She handled Reggie to his UD (a really big deal for Obedience people) and is training for his UDX (an even bigger, amazing deal). She also has a pet-sitting business and watches Dax and Ceilidh for us when we go out of town.
Janie was saying "hi" to Dax as we chatted in the hall outside the training ring. I've been keeping a careful eye on Dax - I won't allow her to continue her snarkiness toward other dogs. Janie noticed I wasn't letting Dax near other dogs until I judged her reaction (she was absolutely fine with her buddy Reggie). So I explained to Janie "She's been a bit unsettled with other dogs since Golly died."
Janie didn't know. I felt terrible for shocking her like that. Another reminder that the internet is great - but it's no substitute for a phone call.
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