Friday, October 09, 2009

Stop Wallowing!

I know I'm entitled to cry. I'm allowed to take my time through the grieving process. And I still miss Golly like crazy. How can I not, when for 13 years I had to walk carefully to make sure I didn't step on that little black form by my feet? But I'm tired of being depressed. I'm tired of having a headache. And I've got to stop crying - my contact lenses will build up an impenetrable protein barrier if I don't. And all of our friends have been so incredibly supportive - thank you! So I'm going to stop wallowing in my depression and grief! I'm going to try to turn my energies to more productive projects. I have been enjoying all the dogs (and their people) who've come to play at our ring! - Fran
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Betsy said...

I would think you should be more than entitled to be depressed.

Yes, you want to try to pull out of it. But, more importantly, allow yourself to grieve.

She was a marvelous little girl who was totally devoted to you.

I know I feel sad about her not being around and she did not live with me.

Carlene said...

Everyone goes at their own pace, as I'm sure you already know. Don't be too hard on yourself.


p.s. I once cried so hard and for so long, I cried a contact lens right out of my own eye.