Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A new normal

Life will never be the same again. Our lives change irrevocably when a member of the household is gone. I don't mean that we'll never be happy again, or that nobody smiles at our house, or that our family is doomed to perennial gloom. We are grieving now, but won't be forever. We're all trying to adjust to the new dynamic.
It's been particularly tough on Fran. Golly was her dog and for the 13+ years she graced our lives, Fran never, ever had to go looking for Golly. It's been a difficult transition. Every once in a while I see Fran glance up, look around a bit puzzled, then the sadness washes over her face. We'll all adjust, but it takes some time.
Ceilidh (Fran's 8-year-old Boston Terrier) went on a hunger strike for a couple of days, but she's over it now and seems to be adjusting. Dax knows something is different - but doesn't seem to know the change is permament. She'll wake up from a nap, look around and point those radar-dish ears toward the back door, expecting it to open. Roc is oblivious. We turn on the tv for him and he's happy. Especially if the Bears are playing.
What's made this difficult time more bearable is the outpouring of sympathy from friends. Some may question whether the internet isolates people or brings them together. We can attest to its warmth and community. Thank you.
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