Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Reindog Parade at the Chicago Botanic Garden

It was snowy
and cold

But even Cubs fans had a good time!

Cute dogs!

Santa was there!

The winner was this Yule Dog Log!

Over 300 dogs were entered - it was crowded and fun!

Dogs are only allowed in the Chicago Botanic Garden 1 day per year - naturally, the nastiest weather-one around! Everybody had fun, though!
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FrogDogz said...

OK, too much cuteness in one spot.

Hope said...

Ooodles of cuties, weren't there? Of course our bunch took one look at the snow, turned around and said - "You go ahead. We'll wait here where it's warm."

Sharon said...

Wow what fun! They all look wonderful. There's something really special when dogs and dog people get together.

Hope said...

Everybody had such a good time - it's really a shame they only allow dogs at the Garden once a year.