Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just having fun with my dog

Yesterday I had an agility lesson with our instructor (whose Airedale was tops at the Agility Invitational last week!). It occurred to me, driving home, that I am so incredibly lucky. I may not be very good at agility handling (although I am trainable!) and I may not have the grace, style or instinct to ever compete at any elite level - but I can play agility with my dog!
I'm sure that everyone who has a hobby they enjoy can identify with the feeling. Doing something just for fun is a great joy and privilege. And to be able to share it with my dog, to forge a partnership with her and have fun together - it's the best!
I may not feel that way as the butterflies flutter in my stomach before our next trial (wish us luck - it's Jan. 2, 3 and 4!), but right now, we're having a blast!
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1 comment:

Mina said...

I know what you mean! My dog gets too over-excited during agility to ever consider competing!

We've just found a new club that trains in a much calmer way, so hopefully we will at least be able to join in as a hobby.

Your dog is lovely, what a big grin!