Friday, December 19, 2008

Enough already!

The Winter Storm Warning that we had from last night through this morning was actually legit! In our area we got about 5 inches of really heavy, wet snow and sleet. But it was better than the freezing rain that fell just a little further south. Needless to say the dogs did not want to go out this morning. Snow that's above Golly's belly is frowned upon by the princess. I tromped a path through the back yard to make it a little easier to get to the kid's familiar place but that didn't make it any nicer out. Ceilidh shivered and tiptoed her way to the back. Roc was yapping at the snow, expressing his displeasure. And Dax is just plain miserable.

Is it spring yet?
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Carlene said...

Snow? You got snow?

I kid.


FrogDogz said...

I'm cleaning up a lot of 'accidents' right now, left by otherwise reliably house broken dogs who simply REFUSE to go out into the cold.

Tessa seems to have shrugged her shoulders (in true gallic style) and said "I'm old, it's cold, and I'm peein' on the floor. Live with it".

Which I am, because at age 14? She can pee wherever she damn well wants.

Betsy said...

As much as the snow is a headache, I'll take that over the alternative we are facing now....-3 degrees F at 5:00pm with a -35 windchill.

Our high tomorrow is supposed to be a warm 8 degrees.

Then, Tuesday, we warm up to the 20s for MORE snow.

That weather maker off the coast of Washington state is wreaking havoc on us.

Sharon said...

My westie dislikes snow immensely. He does not like to go for walks or romps when there's snow in his way. He's getting better because he needs his outdoor exercise but he still prefers non-wet time outdoors.

the goddess molly said...

I know about snow. I have lived in Los Angeles for almost 20 years. But ‘home’ is Toledo Ohio. Boy do I know about snow. However, my doggies don’t.

L A doesn’t have snow…, but right now we have rain and it is cold.

Molly, my Miniature Pincher (min-pin) and my Jack Russell Terrier named ChuCho feel the same way about the cold, wet, rain as Golly, Ceilidh, Roc, and Dax must feel about the snow. It’s hard to get my doggies outside to use the ‘facilities.’ I have to talk to them real nice, sweet, and go out with them with an umbrella.

I think about my dad at times like this. He was from the old country. Mexico. He has passed away now, but sometimes I see him in my mind, shaking his head back and forth and saying under his breath, “that will be the day I escort my dog outside with an umbrella.”

‘Poppy,’ I would say. ‘Times, they are a changing.’

Fran said...

Cold, snow, rain - it's all miserable. Tucson sounds good.

JLouis said...

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