Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bears have the right idea

You know it's going to be a long, long winter when you're tired of it before it starts. December has been a brutal month, weatherwise. Not improved by the furnace dying in our shop - two days with temperatures in the forties, inside! It was practically impossible to think - totally impossible to type. (Apologies for all those typos on the packing slips to our customers!)
And I have a question - Why is it that of all species of apes, only the furless one doesn't live in the tropics?
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Betsy said...

Hey, quite a few of our species live in the tropics. We are obviously the less evolved ones who are crazy enough to be in this freezer.

Winter has always been one of my favorite seasons but I'm still weary of it from LAST season. 7 months of it was too much. Looks like we are headed for the same type of year.

jan said...

I'm tired of winter already and it's only dipped into the 40's briefly here. I SO want to be a bear.

Hope said...

So true -
I wonder why we all have winter fatigue already. I know that global warming is a bad, bad thing, but can't we just have a little bit, please?