Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why do we bother?

A few months ago a neighbor kid asked me to help in her quest for a puppy. The girl is about 11 and her parents are immigrants. Wonderful people, from a culture not known for keeping pet dogs.
I thought I'd done a pretty good job educating and encouraging. I gave her all the right websites too look at, lists of books to read, rescue organizations to contact, training resources, etc. I answered all of her questions, helped however I could.
I did manage to convince her that a Great Dane probably wasn't the best choice for a tiny girl who'd never had a dog before. And that the internet site with the adorable puppies for sale was a very slick front for a horrid puppy mill. I emphasized the right way to get a dog - avoid the puppy mill outlets, the backyard breeders, etc. I truly thought we were on the right track, that we'd find the perfect dog to fulfill the family's puppy lust.
In all honesty, I thought my efforts were probably a waste of time - I didn't think her parents would ever let her get a dog.
Last Friday they bought a 9-week old Husky from a local pet store - a very slick-looking vendor of puppy-mill products.
What can I say? You shouldn't have? Didn't I tell you not to? Woulda, coulda, shoulda. Sigh.
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Frenchie Maintenance Supervisor said...

At least you know you tried to educate them. You'd feel worse if you'd had the chance and didn't do it. Let's hope things work out fine for them and the pup, and you don't have to attempt further education on rescue.

jan said...

That is so sad. I'm sure they think their Husky puppy is the cutest thing ever. I hope you you won't need to guide them to a Husky rescue in a few months. But I'm afraid that is where this is headed.

Hope said...

So far, so good! They've signed up for puppy class, they're asking for help when issues arise - we have some hope! Although we are keeping that Husky Rescue number handy....