Saturday, July 12, 2008

Look twice!

I got fooled the other day. I was driving to work when I saw a man walking with his two little boys and their dog. (Notice I'm assuming all kinds of relationships here.) Since I was at a stop sign, I had the opportunity to take a pretty good look. The quartet was walking away from me. Being who I am, I was looking at the dog. And was delighted! Another Frenchie! The dog was white, with that adorable butt, little tiny tail, and big pointy ears!
Again, being who I am, I had to go meet these people with such incredible good taste in dogs. As I drove up beside them, the dog turned to look at me. Oops! It was a Mini Bull Terrier! Same butt, very, very different face! I don't know what happened to its tail - but I swear it didn't have one.
I kept on driving. A very cute dog, but not one I'm willing to make a fool of myself to meet. Which I would have, had it been a Frenchie!
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