Monday, July 14, 2008

Maybe he really belongs to Richard Simmons....

A couple of months ago the vet told me that my dogs, Dax (French Bulldog) and Roc (Brussels Griffon) were a mite chubby. I used that as justification for buying a treadmill, figuring that all three of us could use it.
The dogs' motivation is twofold: tiny bits of "nuked"-dry hotdog and the harness snugly encircling them keeping them centered on the belt.
Roc's done a wonderful job slimming down - aided in part by his insistence on dashing from backyard to frontyard whenever he goes outside. We can count on Roc to let us know everything that's happening in the entire neighborhood.
Dax, on the other hand, despite diet modification and exercise, is slower to lose the excess avoirdupois. Whenever she goes out she finds a nice, sunny spot and lies down.
So I decided Roc will be excused from treadmill work, at least for the summer.
This morning Dax finished up her workout and I reached for my book, ready for my own. I turned around and there was Roc, sitting dead center of the belt, ready to go. Volunteering to exercise. Now I know for sure he's adopted.
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FrogDogz said...

How to know your dog isn't a Frenchie, part one:

He volunteers for exercise

Mine have been like slugs lately because of the weather - and thank God the hormone festival is finally done (for now).

Stanislaw said...

My humans wish they could fit a treadmill in our little apartment so that my brother and I could get some exercise during the worst of the IL winter. We are, shall I say... high energy pups?

Hope your treadmill training goes well! T-mills look like so much fun. Especially since there's exercise AND treats involved. Woohoo! Feasting!

Chus said...

This is what I think: Richard Simmons