Monday, July 07, 2008

Killer Frenchie

I had a feeling it would happen. I didn't know when, or who the victim would be, but I knew that sooner or later Dax would claim her first victim.
I thought it was going to be Saturday. When I took the dogs out after work, Dax was the only one that noticed the bunny in our next-door-neighbor's backyard. It took off for the front of the house, Dax matched it for speed all the way. Fortunately for the bunny, there was a chain-link fence between them. Unfortunately for Dax, the fence ends at the front of our house. She had fence-prints on her nose for a bit.
Yesterday Dax was a sniffing around the yard, minding her own business. The other dogs had already gone inside - it was a bit hot for them, but Dax loves it. I know Frenchies aren't supposed to, but I let her bake for a few minutes. My own French Roast.
She was meandering around, sniffing, deciding whether she was "in the mood" to do some business, when a juvenile robin careened into the yard. I saw it heading for disaster, but I couldn't cross the yard fast enough to do anything about it. It flew right into Dax's face. I actually saw the delight in her eyes at the wonderful new toy! She didn't understand when I told her to "leave it," but she did. (Good Girl!) The robin didn't make it. In this case, I do think there's some truth to "too stupid to live."
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jan said...

Nature does have a way of allowing the fittest to survive and reproduce.

(That doesn't apply to magpies, however)

Luka & Ezri said...

Faces and fences don't mix!

Jonna Luttrull said...

just passing here and hope to see you on my blog

FrogDogz said...

I shudder to admit that my own killers ate a nestful of baby birds that tumbled to the ground.

Tessa said she'd like to get served appetizers before supper more often.