Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dax's next victim

Last night when I took the dogs out before bed - there was this little guy sleeping on the shelves on our patio. It's a juvenile robin, just learning to fly. He'd been sitting on the fence earlier in the evening, smart enough to pretend he was a statue when the dogs were out.
I despair of his/her life expectancy. This is the second little robin that's been loitering around our backyard, tottering through the air on unsteady wings. I suspect that their parents were stupid enough to raise them in one of the two backyards in the entire neighborhood that's populated by dogs.
Its sibling didn't survive stumbling into Dax. She just wanted to play - but little birds can't take the enthusiasm of a French Bulldog. I think it pretty much died of fright.

I hope this one gets better on his wings - fast.
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jan said...

Birds can turn sweet house dogs into serial killers. I've heard.


Woof, Dax

You're our kind of dog. Come visit us in Arizona and we can chase rabbits together.

Woof, woof
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