Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ugly green monster shows up!

This week we met the new family that moved in on our block - Carleen and her gorgeous Bulldog Thor. Thor is two years old, mostly white and about the sweetest, friendliest and most handsome Bulldog you'd ever want to meet.
We were in the yard, heading back to the house when the dogs spotted Carleen and Thor walking past the house. Naturally they stopped. Dog people are like that - completely unintimidated by four shrieking lunatics yapping away defending their territory. Carleen and Thor waited while we got the three non-Bulldogs in the house so the two snorty-faced creatures could get to know each other.
It's the first time Dax has seen a Bulldog - French like her or otherwise - since she came home at 12 weeks old. She really didn't know what to make of Thor at first. They did all the normal doggy-greeting things - butt sniffing, mouth sniffing, ear sniffing. Lots of sniffing, and since they're bulldogs, lots of snorting, too.
I obviously adore Bulldogs of any variety - it's why I have one. I just couldn't resist giving friendly, sweet, adorable Thor a good scritch.
Dax didn't like that one little bit. She ran over - growled and tried to snap at him! As soon as I reminded her of her manners, she was fine.
It was the first time Dax has ever shown any signs of jealousy. Who could have guessed the ugly green monster lives at our house!
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jan said...

My dogs don't snap at each other or other dogs, they just get between human hands and the other dogs and look innocently at the humans. They would deny jealously, it's just positioning.

Nona said...

Oooh. Jealous much. I've never had that problem (thus far) with my boys.

I like the name Dax. Is she named after the Star Trek character? (I only ask cause my Trekkie husband named one of our rats Ezri, after Exri Dax)

MamaFlo said...

Hey, even pooches know when they've got a good thing going.

Fuzzy Logic said...

(psst: Nona! I have Star Trek Dogs too.. now back to our regularly scheduled program)

I think it's funny.. Qor is like that .. she jsut butt in though.. she's more of an in your face "you MUST love me MORE" kind of girl.