Saturday, June 14, 2008


We try not to be judgmental. We really try to see all points of view. But this is just wrong, wrong, wrong! The mayor of Helena-West Helena Arkansas had the dogs in the local animal shelter dumped into the national forest. And he still doesn't get why it was wrong. To read the story click here.

The original story: here.
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Jaz said...

That person is totally clueless and a Neanderthal. Doesn't he get it that they will either die because they can't adapt or they'll get wild which is just as bad???? DUH!

This guy reminds me of one that used to be the head of a rescue league in Mississippi where I worked. He loved getting rid of the dogs he didn't like so they died. Period. Didn't matter how cute, cuddly, adoptable they were. Puppies too. On this one weekend, he got rid of a whole load of them.

Told the two employees (I was one of them) he would take care of the bodies since he was going out of town that day. (We usually had a few and would keep them in a freezer until Monday when the pound truck came to take them away.) This time there were too many.

The next day (Saturday), a boy came running in and said that there were a whole lot of dog bodies in a dumpster about a block away near the playground where they were having a baseball game.

He got fired on Monday. We applauded as he left. Oh yes, he told us he had no idea why they fired him. Are you kidding me???

Thank you for posting about this. I live in Arkansas and will be glad to put my own post up about it.

jan said...

It's frightening to think that this person was actually elected to a responsible position. Even wildlife sanctuaries won't release wild animals unless they are 100% capable of surviving.

Margaret said...

Geez and people wonder where the animal rights organizations get their stuff from....this guy is just too much!


Anonymous said...

this story really makes me mad. I'm going to post about it too later this week on my blog. What an idiot this guy is.