Friday, June 13, 2008

Burberry, beware!

Hope and I had fun at Agility class last night, but it was quite warm outside. After all the discussion about French Bulldogs and heat sensitivity, Hope was prepared with ice packs, cool cloths, etc. (even though the site is air conditioned), so Dax was just fine!

On the ride home, we got to talking about Frenchies, and training, and breeding, and the Frogdog Blog came up. I really want a Plaidie!!! (The image to the left is copied from the Frogdog Blog. Too cute for words, huh?) I want a pink and purple one, and I'm going to name her "Petunia!" Hope says she wants a boy in the Black Watch tartan and she's going to name him "Monty." (Star Trek fans, pay attention.)
One of our suppliers who does plaids has been having trademark issues with a very large company. This gets me thinking. What can they do to a Frenchie breeder?
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