Friday, June 06, 2008

Success at Agility Class!

Ceilidh was brilliant last night at Agility class! Well, OK, she was pretty good. She had to be persuaded a couple of times to go in the chute, and cajoled along the teeter, and she spun around after a jump when I didn't want her to, but her weaving was excellent! But, boy it was warm and damp in there, even with the air conditioning blasting. Dax was flat on the floor in between runs. I guess we're just not used to it yet. In Chicago, we go from winter to summer with little if any spring and we always complain about it, even though we knew it would happen! The heat didn't seem to affect Ceilidh - she was just loving playing Agility!
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CastoCreations said...

We had agility last night. Trooper did SO good. The big boy teeter still scares him so we had to resort to puppy crack (aka Squirt Cheese in a can). *grin* But his jumping is AWESOME!!! We did wraps and something called a flower petal which was SO freaking hard.

I'm worried the trainer will want to move us up to the more advanced class soon. *gulp* Scary!

Johann The Dog said...

Yeah for you guys!!! I never tire of reading about others successes in agility, fur sure!

Oh, you got promotion on the Puppia harness today, sent a sheltie Mum to your store - Gracie sold them...she's such a promoter!

Fran said...

Thanks, Johann! Appreciate it! Castocreations - don't you wish you could split yourself in two so you could run with your dog and watch him too? Hope tells me that Ceilidh is a little dynamo, but all I see when I'm running is a flash of her ears, because if I don't look at where I'm going, I'll be flat on my nose!