Monday, June 09, 2008

Dress rehearsal - not so great

Saturday I took Dax to a "Fun Match" at For Your Canine, which is where our club is holding its Obedience Trial next Sunday. And I fervently hope that the old saw about "bad rehearsal=good performance" holds true.
A chunk of the problem may have been the temperature. French Bulldogs don't do very well in the heat and the weather on Saturday was in the upper 80s. But I really can't think it's a good excuse - since she went from her air-conditioned home to the air-conditioned car to the air-conditioned training facility. It was only about 78 or 79 inside - I know because we were sitting right by the thermostat!
I really don't know what to expect now - we'll just keep practising and be optimistic. I know she knows the exercises and the venue. No matter how the trial turns out, two things I know are true:
  • We do this for fun, not ribbons
  • No matter the result - I still get to take her home with me!
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