Thursday, January 11, 2007

Roc's in Love!

It's happened! My little boy is in love!

Roc generally gets along with dogs after he's known them a while. He's never been one to run up to engage another dog in play. He stands back, gets a good sniff then generally ignores other dogs. If he's known the dog for a long time, been in class with it, or it's been to the house, as soon as he recognizes it, he pays it no attention at all.

The only dogs he's ever engaged with are the ones living in our house, or other Brussels Griffons he meets. It's almost uncanny how Griffs always seem to recognize and accept other Griffs.

But now - all bets are off!!! There's a tiny little Yorkie named Charlee in the Beginner Class at training. And Roc's in love! She's the first dog he's ever voluntarily walked up to, sniffed thoroughly, and then started that little side-winding little flirty dance to attract! He's adorable.

At this point I'm afraid his love in unrequited. Charlee spent the first six years of her life being a backyard-breeder's brood bitch. Class, other dogs, and life in general are a bit much for her right now. But when/if she comes around, Roc will be waiting!


jan said...

How sweet. I'm sure she will soon love the attention.

Hope said...

And his crush persists! He was just wonderful on training night - showing off for his new girlfriend, I think!