Friday, January 26, 2007

Princess Golly

We may have mentioned that Golly is a diva, prima donna, princess - you get the idea. Not that she's difficult to live with. Absolutely not! As long as we do what she wants, Golly is the easiest-going girl around. She'll eat anything we put in front of her, and try to mooch off the others. We always say that if Golly doesn't eat, she's going right to the vet! She loves going for walks, until she's had enough. Then she stops and we either drag her or pick her up. (Guess which it is?)

Golly doesn't play with toys much, until she decides it's playtime. Then she picks up the toy of choice and bounces at me with the toy in her mouth. Very cute. And then we play tug or chase the toy along the floor (no higher than two inches off the floor or the game is over). For about a minute, maybe two. Then Golly is done playing. I actually got her to play for about five minutes the other day!

Golly had a very promising Obedience career. We got her CD (Companion Dog) title in four shows (three legs are needed) with a second place in one. We were training for her CDX, the next title and then Golly decided she'd had enough. After several years of frustration it was clear that we were done. Maybe we'll try something different, until the Princess gets bored.

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